2010- Marfa, TX. Thriftstore on Tour

I tour the Texas Big Bend Country every year during New Year's and have been doing this tour for 6 years now! We usually stop over in Marfa, and play at a club called Padre's. Then, we travel to Lajitas where we play at The Lajitas Resort and we spend the last part of the tour in Terlingua before heading back home!

2010- We have made it tradition to stop in to the local Thriftstore in Marfa and have been doing so now for the past two years! We always find the greatest stuff! Not only do the girl's find amazing souvenirs, but so do the fella's! Sometimes you have to dig, but everything is so cheap and I always find a bag full of goodie's! Mo Pair got some really awesome books, a cool leather hat, and vintage suit coat! I bought Dan McGreevy (drummer of the band Moving Matter) this silly marching band hat! It was a perfect gift for a stage hat, especially a drummer! He wore it on New Year's that year. Several of us girl's bought our New Year's eve outfits there! I got this amazing black and gold sequined dress with the back cut out all for the low cost of just $5. It had to have been close to a thousand dollar dress brand new! Also, if you see my Eternity Blue video you will see me in some more thrifty duds during our gig at Padre's that same year ( That fabulous mini Purple Mini Pearl looking dress)! I had to have it!

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