Kem Watts Band at Saxon
Kem Watts
Kem Watts Band at Saxon
Kem Watts
Kem Watts
On my EP: Looking In
Kem Watts
Lyrics by: Kem Watts & Bianca Pereida. Gutar and song arrangement by: Kem Watts


A girl is having a recurring dream about a Vampire and she ends up falling in love with the character in her dream! She becomes so obsessed that she actually starts to believe he is real! She goes a bit crazy, I suppose! She leaves her curtains to her bedroom open every night just in case he is out there so he can see her sleeping! She even takes these astral projection and meditation classes from the local college so she can hopefully begin to travel outside her body during dreams in hopes of finding him! Remember, she is kinda becoming psycho! 

Meanwhile in Reality, There really is a Vampire prowling the streets! He kills the murders and vagabonds of society and only feeds off animals! He is somewhat a good Vampire! However, he is in search for a soulmate! 

One night, as he is wondering through the desert in the middle of nowhere by himself, he hears a faint cry in his ear and it is the voice of a woman calling out his name. He stops suddenly and listens. He walks West a few steps and the sound gets softer, so he steps back East a few steps. The voice gets louder so he continues to step backward, and as he does the voice becomes louder in his ear! Suddenly he takes off in the direction of the sound, traveling at the speed of light, until he ends up in front of a window in a city neighborhood!

He looks in the window and sees someone under the bedsheets! It looks as if that someone is making love, but he notices there is only a woman by herself! She screams out his name over and over in ecstasy! The Vampire then appears by her bedside and takes over from there while the woman is still dreaming! He has found his Soulmate!  

To Be Continued.........................


Creepin out in the middle of the night

There's a prowler in the shadows of the moonlit sky

The lust of such pleasures bring him lost treasures, he cries

Oh me oh My

Chasin footsteps I'm fallin in a dream

Beyond the tattered barn the voices scream

Howlin winds carry on carry on

Till the light of Dawn

Eternity Blue Under the Moon

Eternity Blue A love so True

Eternity Blue Under The Moon

Eternity Blue A love so true

Twistin in the sheets a sacred rendezvous

Time has no essence because of you

The taste of your lips obsess my mind, I cry

Oh me oh my 

Bittersweet immortal bliss

Forever in this Kiss

And I long to hold you in the morning light

Be careful what you ask for 

Cause you just might get your wish

And forever you will pay the consequence

Here in the dark Holding you again

Unerneath the stars and the moon

I sacrificed the sunlight to be in your loving arms

Before I realized the aftermath of Doom

Eternity Blue Under the Moon

Eternity Blue a Love so True

Eternity Blue under the Moon 

Eternity Blue a love so true

Eternity Blue A love so True!

Kem Watts, Grego Loboz, and Emmett Roch
Kem Watts


This song is off my first EP - Looking In! it was produced at Purple Bee Studios in Lockhart, Tx. by Grego Loboz

guitar and vocals- Kem Watts

drums, percussion, bass- Grego Loboz

pedal steel, dobro, mandolin- Emmett Roch


Kem Watts& Sterling Finlay
Written and arranged by Kem Watts


I wrote this way before I ever played the guitar! I was 21 yrs. old and been wanting to record it ever since. This is the very first ever and only recording of this song with me on guitar and vocals and Sterling Finley playing upright bass!

Eric McConnell that plays with Todd Snider's band recorded us in his studio in Nashville back in July 2012! We cut seven songs in three hours live, vocals and all! This song is on that recording and is the rough unmixed version! 

Kem Watts
Written and Arranged by Kem Watts and recorded by Grego Loboz at Purple Bee Studio in Lockhart, Tx.
Kem Watts
song written and arranged by Kem Watts and recorded at Purplebee Studio in Lockhart, TX.